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It's so great to meet you! We are Alex and Caroline, along with our two daughters, Charli May and Wesli.


Alex is going on 14 years of service in the United States Marine Corps. While we consider ourselves a military family through and through, it has required a lot of sacrifice and time spent apart for pregnancies, birthdays, holidays and big life events. It was because of this, that we decided to create a way that allowed us to spend a little more time together, while also having a bit of fun! This is how the Tap Tavern Truck was born.


In sticking with our military roots, the Tap Tavern Truck's name is a nod to "Tun Tavern", the infamous bar at which the Marine Corps is said to have been established in 1775. 

Our hope is that in creating something meant to bring our family closer together, we might do the same for you and your event guests! 

While the future for our family is still ever-changing and unpredictable as the military is, we know that no matter where life takes us, it will always find us right back at our Old Kentucky Home in our '49 Ford. 

Here's to y'all.

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